Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two Years

It's been two years since I've posted on this blog. It's been a hard readjustment for us, especially me. Without getting too depressing, I'll just sum it up by saying it was hard to leave abruptly, and not on our terms from the country we were finally adjusting to. It was hard leaving friends behind. Mostly, it just made me sad thinking of posting on here when we obviously weren't living the expat life anymore. Anyway, in two years we moved back to Ft Worth, and then in November moved back to our hometown in south Texas. My husband got a promotion and is now commuting overseas every 5 weeks. I am teaching. The kids are doing well. They have grown so much. We miss Cairo still and hope to one day go back. We also hope to continue our traveling and relive the expat experience again soon. For now, we are healthy and thriving, so I try to remind myself that daily.

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  1. Aw, I am now just seeing this post. I can totally see why you would still have a hard time every now and again. I think you should continue to blog. I think that will help and jotting down your Cairo memories will be helpful and whatever else you pen. :)