Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wisdom of A Four Year Old

Yesterday morning Julia threw up. Her vomit consisted mostly of mucous, but she was gagging and coughing so I suggested she stay home from preschool. She reluctantly agreed but by mid morning she was totally fine and totally bored out of her mind. I put her to work doing her favorite thing- spelling worksheets. She can do those things forever. She loves to write, especially with markers, so she was content to do worksheet after worksheet all morning long.

Later, while Julia was busy with her worksheets, the meat delivery guy called to ask for directions to our building. In butchered, broken arabic I tried in vain to explain where are building was located, the color of it, the number of the building, and so on. Our conversation grew louder and more confusing and by the time we hung up we were pretty much yelling in broken english/broken arabic to one another.

When I hung up the phone, Julia rolled her eyes and said, "Mommy you REALLY need to learn arabic." She gave an exasperated sigh and added, "Especially your numbers and letters." Julia is learning arabic at school and is much more fluent in the language than I am.

Next time I think I'll have her give directions to the delivery guy, but in my defense he did show up at my door 10 minutes later.

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